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A Micki Li Mystery #1
by Jo Ann Ferguson
writing as Mary Jo Kim

jo ann ferguson


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Something very different from Jo Ann Ferguson

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ISBN-13: 978-1611944174
Paperback Book (Amazon)

Boston's worst crimes have her name on them.

In Chinatown, she's known as Hyun Sook.

At her home, she's Mom. On the inner-city ball fields, she's Coach.

To her Irish-cop partner, she's Mick.

At headquarters, she's Detective Li.

To the killer who's carving up convicted pedophiles, and the mysterious man who's trying to snatch kids off the city's panicked streets . . .

She's trouble.


Mary Jo Kim is the pen name for Jo Ann Ferguson, the mother of a Korean-American son and daughter. Visit her at


available now

Paperback Book (Amazon)


jo ann ferguson